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Factory Wethu

I-Hunan Sunlight Bio-Tech

Hunan Sunshine Bio-tech Co. LTD. has a modern bio-tech factory built in strict accordance with the production standards of national manufacturers.
The workshop according to the production and testing needs, equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and testing instruments for nearly 600 units such as low-temperature vacuum concentration equipment, spray drying equipment, according to GMP standard design facilities have passed by third-party verification, all conformed to the regulations, and acceptance of qualified, the raw material production workshop has a rounded system of biological engineering production equipment, including fermentation system and purification system, etc.
Our factory has a group of dynamic production, testing and QA teams, which is composed of professionals with a college degree to ensure the professional and efficient technology of the company.
We believe that “A good product is not tested, but produced” Keep improving on the production requirements, the environment, operation and inspection of the whole production process are carried out in strict accordance with GMP requirements, and the raw materials produced are of high purity and good quality