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Spicule исфанҷеро-Ҷарроҳи нав дар давраи ҷарроҳии микро косметикӣ

Сана: 2019-10-15

Application of purified sponge bone needle product

The use of sponge spicule is similar to massage cream. It needs to be massaged on the face after mixing the sponge spicule powder with other curative lyophilized powder or nutrient solution. After the sponge spicule is used, the face will be red and hot, and the pores will expand. At this time, introduced the nutrient solution (effect, such as moisturizing, acne, whitening, anti-wrinkle). The nutrients can directly reach the bottom layer of the skin, maximizing the absorption of the skin and to maximize the efficacy of treatment. The principle is similar to that of a roller or a "mosquito" type of microneedle, but the sponge spicule is a product of biological evolution. It is a needle-shaped silica naturally formed by the sponge in a special growth environment. The spicule is finer and smaller, and the size is smaller, which between 50um and 180um, it is all-natural and can be used on the skin for a long time.