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2020 The most amazing sponge (4) : The history of Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy (SSBT)

Сана: 2020-02-26

The history of Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy (SSBT)

Application of hydrolyzed sponge, as from Europe, these ancients use traditional therapy to treat acne and pimples choose to live in clean water of freshwater sponge, sundried after grinding into powder, then mixed with milk and water, then smear on the problem surface, rinse daub after 3 to 5 days, the skin will fall off, new skin grow this sponge powder 3 times after treatment, acne or dark circles will be cured.

Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy (SSBT) was originated in France, Dr.Michel Pistor, a physician, after finishing his studies at the Faculty de Medicine de Paris, Doctor Michel Pistor choose to specialize in general medicine in a small country village. In 1952 he invented a simple, but revolutionary technique- Mesotherapy.

The Larousse dictionary gives this definition “a therapeutic procedure that consists of injecting a minimal dose of medication, at a slight depth by needles at the closest point possible to the origin of the pain or illness.”
He liked to summon up this therapy with this phrase “ little, rarely and in the right place.”

In 1987, the French Academy of Medicine officially included microneedle beautification into one of the legitimate traditional medical treatment projects. In 1988, Italian dermatologists discovered that phosphatidylcholine was injected into the skin, which had the effect of dissolving fat and eliminating fat. Microneedle beautification therapy then entered the market of beauty rejuvenation.