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Чӣ гуна бояд ҳангоми пӯшидани никоб ба пӯст ғамхорӣ кард?

Сана: 2020-08-14

During the epidemic, have you tried the recently popular “mask makeup”?

As face coverings become part of the new ‘normal’, sales of eye and brow make-up have soared throughout lockdown.

However,the eyes become the focal point of the face, the parts covered by the mask were neglected. These parts are stuffy for a long time during wear the mask, various skin problems will appear on the face with the insufficient skin caring, bacteria and other microorganisms such as Propionibacterium acnes, mites will rampant growth in such hotbed, it also break the balance of water and oil on the facial skin, causing the skin to become dry, oily, and acne and irritant contact dermatitis(ICD), erythema, pimples, and redness and itching on the entire face.

In ancient Europe, the earliest way for people there to solve skin problems was to use a salvaged sponge to grind it into powder and then dries it to solve facial problems. At the time, people didn’t know why, but it did works. With the changes of the times and the rapid development of technology, people unveiled the mystery of sponge powder.

By stimulating the dermis layer of skin, promoting the metabolism of dermis. The sponge can easily solve the skin problems caused by wearing masks for a long time. The healthier and natural skin. And the spongy sponges that people use now are refined, Remove the harmful substances in the sponge. Metabolism promoting products on the market is Spongilla Spicules. Because only this way is to really use pure natural plant extracts to promote skin metabolism.Why is spongilla spicule truly healthy and natural?

1、In the salvage of sponges, sponges can only grow in first-class water quality, and the growth environment is pure and natural without pollution.

2、For the extraction of sponge, SQT chooses to use chromic acid. Compared with the aqua regia selected by other brands, chromic acid is more environmentally friendly and safer for human skin. It can also protect the structural integrity of the needle body when the sponge spicule is extracted. It is refined for 3 times. Up to 98%.

3、The packaging of the sponge and the packaging of SQT sponge spicules are all completed in a sterile room to prevent microorganisms in the air from entering the product.

4、Sponge packaging, all product packaging used by SQT have obtained SGS certification, environmental protection and toxic effects have passed SGS testing, and have reached food-grade standards.

What is “7days plan for skin renewal”?

Spicule Implanting → Basal Activating → Collagen Reproduce → New Skin → Metabolic Renewal → Epidermis Repair

At the end of the article, I hope that while wearing masks to protect our own health, everyone should also protect the health of their facial skin.