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SQT Sunshine Bio-Tech, ки дар маҳсулоти маҳсулоти Vitamins Asia 2019 дар Сингапур иштирок мекунад

Сана: 2019-09-25

SQT Sunshine Bio-Tech focus on plant extract 5 years,today we welcome every customer with professional and enthusiasm at the Vitafoods Asia 2019 on Sep.25,2019. Our Booth-D31.

At 10:00 am, the 2-day exhibition in Singapore officially opened. President Mr,Qin of our company was invited to deliver a speech!

Vitafoods Asia, now in its seventh year is moving to Singapore on the 5-6 September 2017. This Global Exhibition and Conference is the platform for the nutraceutical industry to do business in Asia, focusing on the four key sectors; Ingredients & Raw Materials, Contract Manufacturing & Private Label, Services & Equipment and Finished Products.

Дар ин намоишгоҳ, ширкати мо асосан даҳ маҳсулоти асосӣ ва 29 маҳсулоти муқаррариро нишон медиҳад, ки тамоми паҳлӯҳои хусусиятҳо ва касбии ширкати моро нишон медиҳанд.

Дар ниҳоят, пеш аз ҳама ширкати моро дар ин намоишгоҳ комёбиҳо орзу кунед!