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SQT Sunshine Brezpogojno usposabljanje za rast uspešno zaključeno

Datum: 2019-10-25

"Going out to learn glory, go home to the work implementation" is a portrayal of the management of our company. In this three-day and two-night team training this week, through continuous growth and growth logic, fast and comprehensive learning management And ways and means of motivating the team. After returning to the company after the training, the company carried out a sharing meeting, shared the great inspiration from the soul, and took the lead in implementing the landing plan, insisting on the implementation of the internal execution of the enterprise, a group of people affecting a group of people, driving all SQT Sunshine biological colleagues work together, strive for excellence, continuous improvement!

Special thanks to Shi Chao and Wang Yang, the teacher of Unconditional Growth for providing such a wonderful course; for the three days of learning and growing together; especially for the company to create such learning opportunities, we will not forget our original intentions and pursue excellence in the future. Efforts to become a team with unified thinking, excellent quality, and outstanding ability, to provide better service to customers and achieve a more exciting future!