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ಬಿಲ್ಬೆರಿ ಸಾರ ಆಂಥೋಕ್ನಿಡಿನ್ಗಳು 25% ಆಂಥೋಸಯಾನಿನ್ಗಳು 36%

ಕ್ಯಾಟಲಾಗ್ ಸಂಖ್ಯೆ: QT170215007
ವೀಕ್ಷಿಸಿ (ಗಳು): 1160

Product name: Bilberry Extract
Botanical Source: Vaccinium myrtillus extract
Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillus L.
Main ingredient: anthocyanidin/cyanidin
Test method: UV Part used: Berries
Appearance: Bluish violet powder
Anthocyanidins 25%(China Bilberry )
Anthoycnidins 25% Anthocyanins 36%

ನಮ್ಮನ್ನು ಸಂಪರ್ಕಿಸಿ
ಉತ್ಪನ್ನ ವಿವರಗಳು

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is the dry extract of the European Blueberry, to support eye health, eliminate circulation problems and decrease inflammation. These super antioxidants contain compounds called Anthocyanins, Anthocyanins are water soluble pigments found in many plants. Depending on pH, anthocyanins can be red, violet, or blue. which gives the Bilberry deep purple color and is essential for the numerous health benefits it offers.These pigments can be found in fruits, stems, and leaves, and their levels may fluctuate. Flavonoids have been fingered in a number of nutritional studies as potential preventative nutrients which could keep people healthier, and some appear to be able to shrink tumors and treat some diseases. Anthocyanins are no exception to the rule, with these pigments having a number of benefits, primarily in their role as antioxidants. Anthocyanin pigments are one reason why fruit is so healthy, and why health claims are made about wines and fruit juices.

Product name:Bilberry Extract
Botanical Source:Vaccinium myrtillus extract
Latin name:Vaccinium myrtillus L. .
Main ingredient:anthocyanidin/cyanidin
Test method:UV Part used: Berries
Appearance: Bluish violet powder
Anthocyanidins 25%(China Bilberry )
Anthoycnidins 25%&Anthocyanins 36%

1.Bilberry Extract can Protect and regenerate rhodopsin, and cure patients with eye diseases such as pigmentosa, retinitis, glaucoma, and myopia, etc.
2. Prevent the cardiovascular diseases
3. Quench free radical, antioxidant, and anti-aging
4. A treatment for mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of mouth and throat
5. A treatment for diarrhea, enteritis, urethritis, cystitis and virosis rheum

1.Pharmaceutical stuff;
2.Functional food and food additive;
3.Cosmetics additive;