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2019 SQT sunshine Bio-Tech bywenjen Supplyside West 2019 yn Amearika

Datum: 2019-12-24

SQT Sunshine Bio-Tech focus on plant extract six years and trader specialized in extracts products of food additives, healthcare, medical care,skincare etc, Professional, focused, quality is our constant pursuit of products all the time.

Yn 'e moarn is de 2-dei eksposysje yn Expo Hall , Las Vegas, Amearika offisjeel iepene.

TheSupplyside West 2019 Exhibition has been successfully held for 23 years. The influence and scale of this year'sSupplyside West 2019 Exhibition will be larger than any previous one, and will attract 15,000 professional exhibitors and audiences from 65 countries and regions. Supplyside West 2019 Exhibition is a professional exhibition focusing on plant extracts, the raw materials of functional food、Medical、cosmetic and health care. The ingredients used in food and beverage, health care, and cosmetic medicine products are increasingly valued by consumers.

Yn dizze tentoanstelling toant ús bedriuw foaral tsien haadprodukten en 29 konvinsjonele produkten, wêrtroch alle aspekten fan 'e skaaimerken fan ús bedriuw en profesjonele binne.

Uteinlik winskje ús bedriuw sukses yn dizze tentoanstelling!