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2020 The most amazing sponge (12)Therapeutic use of sponges

Fecha: 2020, 07, 01

Therapeutic use of sponges

The main functions of sponge microneedle:
1. Percutaneous absorption
The microneedles go deep into the skin, creating millions of holes straight to the base,
Provide a channel for the introduction of effective ingredients for skin care products.
2. Start with one touch
Penetrate cuticle, start subcutaneous microcirculation, promote metabolism;
3. Activate the basis
Direct to the basal layer, stimulate basal mother cell division;
4. Reconstruct the epidermis
Non - invasive skin, old cells naturally shed.

El uso terapéutico

Sponge spicule can stimulate dermis, start skin surface microcirculation, improve capillary stoma blocking phenomenon, accelerate the natural peeling of aging cuticle.

Can be used for treatment:

Acne, hair folliculitis, oil and other skin problems, with horny polishing, oil control conditioning, clean acne (especially for closed acne), light spots, firm, fine pores and other multiple maintenance effects.

Conservation use:

Get through skin pores, promote absorption, accelerate subcutaneous microcirculation, improve metabolism, and enhance the absorption rate of effective ingredients of skin care products.

Puede ser usado para:

All kinds of care products
Such as: facial cleanser, toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, face cream and so on.