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Hunan Mikrobiologiya Cəmiyyətinin 2019 illik akademik konfransı

Tarix: 2019-09-09

Hunan Mikrobiologiya Cəmiyyətinin 12019 illik akademik konfransı

The Annual Academic Conference of Hunan Society for Microbiology was held in Yongzhou, Hunan province, from Spt.6th to Spt.8th, 2019. Dr. Henry Qin, CEO of Hunan Sunshine Bio-tech Co., Ltd, was invited to participate.

This conference is mainly divided into two parts: Academic seminars and academic recognition

Academic seminars: Red/ET recombination engineering technology is an ideal technique for modifying DNA macromolecules.

Academic recognition: Our company-Hunan Sunshine Bio-Tech co.,ltd. Was rated Society Microbiology Academic council member, Henry was rated member of a council.

The three-day seminar was successfully concluded. Our company will be better in the field of microbiology.