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You know the predecessor of Griffonia Seed?



5-HTP mainly exists in leguminous plants, Especially in Griffonia seeds. In the body,5-hydroxytryptophan is the precursor of serotonin, It's an important neuro drugs.
Griffonia Seed is dry seed of Griffonia grain( Griffonia sim plicifolia) of tropical leguminous shrubs and wild in Africa Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togolese and other West African countries. Seed oblong and the length is about 1. 5 cm, wide is about 1cm, The seed coat is black, wrinkled, endosperm yellow-green, slightly bean-scented. Harvest from December to February of the following year. Since ancient times, people in West Africa have used Griffonia seeds as a treatment for diseases, leaves and their juice can be used to treat wounds and kidney disease, can also be used as enema and aphrodisiac, mashed bark can be made into an ointment to treat chancroid and so on.
Through research find that the plant's main active substance is 5-HTP which the content very high in seeds and could reach 10%.

5-HTP structure

5 - Hydroxytrophan for short is 5-HTP, Chemical nomenclature:5-hydroxyl-3-indolyl-α-amino propionic acid.Formula weight:220.23. Its chemical structure is as follows:

Internal metabolic processes of 5-HTP
5-HTP can be transformed into Serotonin by decarboxylation in internal. Serotonin is a Nerve effector responsible for the transmission of intercellular signals. Its conversion internal is that the precursor of 5-HTP (HTrp) is tryptophan ( Trp),Trp catalytic synthesis 5-HTP by TPH(TH), 5-HTP forms 5-hydroxytryptamine(5HT) by decarboxylase(AAAD) effect.5-HTP forms n-acetyl-serotonin (NAS) by the action of n-acetylinvertase (NAT) ,N-acetyl-5HT forms melatonin(Mel) by hydroxyl indole Oxymethyl Invertase(HIOMT) effect. Besides 5-HTP can transform 5-Methoxytryptophan(5-MTrp) through action of HIOMT and 5-HTP can transform 5-methoxyl indole acetic acid(MIAA)5-Methoxytryptamine alcohol(MT-PL)

5-HTP is classified as a pharmaceutical ingredient in some countries. In the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, 5-HTP is marketed as a dietary supplement (health supplement). 5-HTP is one of our main products, and the sales network is spread all over the world!