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Why is the Lutein so brilliant and attractive ?


In the previous article, we  briefly introduced that Lutein is a natural pigment. Today, let me take  everyone know Why is the Lutein so brilliant and attractive?  

Lutein powder

The unique chemical structure of Lutein  not only determines its color, but also determines its physical and  chemical properties. Lutein molecules have one chain of including 40  carbon atom, in which there are multiple conjugated double bonds, which  make Lutein have bright color and the ability to inhibit free radicals.  The chemical structure of Lutein and zeaxanthin very similar, it’s very  hard to discriminate them in analysis, so many research aways report  them as one substance. They have the same double-build number, but the  position of one of the double bonds is different. In lutein, this double  bond forms the allyl hydroxyl terminal, which makes its more chemical  active .while the corresponding double bond in zeaxanthin forms a  conjugated system with the adjacent straight-chain double bond. The  structural formulas of Lutein and zeaxanthin details as follow:  


Lutein contains CHOelement and the Hydroxyl group at the end of the chain. Lutein’s  exist way on cytomembrane is that the hydrophobic long carbon chain is  buried in the phospholipid molecular layer, while the hydrophilic  hydroxyl group remains on both sides of the membrane. This position  makes the Lutein and Zeaxanthin to be combined with the easily oxidized  cell membrane lipids to enhance the strength of the cell membrane. In  terms of stability, research shows free lutein is unstable to thermal  pole. Lauric acid monolid (ML) stability is slightly stronger, while  dilaurate(DL) is extremely stable to heat. The sensitivity of ML, DL to  UV is worse than free Lutein. The result shows free hydroxyl group and  fatty acid after esterification can improve the stability of light, this  is one of the reasons why commercial Lutein products are mostly  supplied in the form of Lutein Esters.  


The Properties and structure of Lutein let the color so brilliant and attractive.


To be continued...... The next article will take you continue to learn more about Lutein