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How does the arrival of the 5G era affect the trend of the plant extraction industry?


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The CNIC2019 conference which ended last month, elaborated from six aspects, including the recent hot directions and product focus of the plant extract industry, the size of the herbal food supplement market and the analysis of the current situation, and the future development trend of the big health industry.

1. Global herbal food supplement market size


2. Current situation of herbal food supplement market in the United States

Taking 2014 as a turning point, the US herbal supplement market grew faster than expected. After the 2015 "New York Chief-prosecutor Investigation Incident", the US herbal supplement market entered a period of rapid growth. By 2018, it had reached a market size of $ 8.8 billion. Herbal supplements increased by 9.4% in 2018, becoming the fastest growing category of food supplements. The following are the top 11 varieties of sales in the US food supplement market in 2018 and The fastest growing 10 varieties of product and sales ratio data.

3. Market trend of herbal food supplement market in the United States

4. The way of life and related diseases increase the development of herbal supplements

(1) Due to the introduction of technology and automation in the workplace, people's work and lifestyle tend to become more sedentary. People are also busier and more focused on convenience.
(2) Maybe we are the product of the environment. We spend more and more time on computers and less and less time on physical activities. Coupled with unhealthy diet choices based on processed and time-saving ready-to-eat foods, it has caused considerable health problems. Currently in the United States, about 70% of people are overweight. Millennials and Generation Z are also more stressed bigger than previous generations. 
(3) Health improvement and lifestyle choices have become important issues facing the world.
(4) From the food you eat to the amount of your activity-the best way to prevent unhealthy bodies-a change in attitude towards health care
(5) A large health industry driven by consumers is entering a period of vigorous development.


We are familiar with the terms macronutrient (large) and micronutrient (small). Now a new term 'medium nutrient' is being widely used.The emergence of the "medium nutrient"indicates that people pay more and more attention to the application of the effective components of the plant. "Medium Nutrient" refers to active ingredients in food or plants that are beneficial to the human body. Includes EGCG, lycopene, curcumin, anthocyanins and most plant extract products.

Natural nootropics are hot vocabulary in the coming years. Natural nootropics refer to supplements, foods, or beverages that enhance cognitive function, including memory, consciousness, attention, and mood.

The development of this concept will promote the development of botanical extracts Ashwagandha Extract (Indian ginseng), ginseng, basil, rhodiola, rosemary, serotonin, and valerian in the coming years.

Innovation is the foundation of the  development of the plant extract industry, and turmeric is a typical  representative of innovation development. Proven health benefits should  continue to be the driving force behind global curcumin growth.
Turmeric sales:
U.S. market sales of $ 328 million in 2018
Expected sales of $ 441 million in 2020
CBD is also a hot product in recent years. Synthetic drugs cannot cure difficult diseases and become opportunities for CBD.  

5. Millennial consumption characteristics:
(1) Authentic and transparent-far beyond your ingredients.
Millennials prefer culture over products-products need stories.
(2) Authority has become increasingly  important in marketing nutritional supplements to millennials. The task  of transforming sales is gradually shifting to building trust through  the influence ladder. From the bottom end celebrity endorsements to  professional, to expert, this is a new way for millennials to market.
(3) Clean up ingredients-In millennials,  "fuzzy blending" can lead to mistrust, and they want to know the exact  content of each ingredient.
(4) "Clean", minimally processed and "natural" ingredients are the trend among millennials
(5) Millennials want to know the source of each raw material and its impact on the environment and society.

6. Analysis of Hot products in American Market  

Protein powder
Protein powder is a popular nutritional  supplement. Protein is an important macronutrient that helps build  muscle, repair tissues, and make enzymes and hormones. Hemp protein is a  new type of protein that is widely accepted and used in the market  after soybean protein, wheat protein, and pea protein.
Fungus source β-glucan Water soluble dietary fiber
Has special chemical properties: β- (1,3)  linked main glucose chain and (1,6) linked branch side chain. The  molecular structure of β-glucan derived from fungi is a helical tertiary  structure, and it is this structure that determines their effect on the  immune system.
Probiotics and prebiotics
The rapid growth of probiotics and the leapfrog growth of prebiotics.

Ayurveda, Curcumin, Ashwagandha 
Increasing popularity in Google searches
Cannabis is booming in a global industry.  However, questionable attitudes need to be maintained for the thermal  analysis and product analysis of CBD products.
Bromelain, bitter melon extract
The heat of attention continues to climb

7. Three important Development Trends of Health Industry  

Development trend one:
Extensive use of phytonutrients
Phytonutrients are natural compounds in plants that are beneficial to the human body.
It includes plant-derived vitamins and  minerals, protein, dietary fiber and other basic nutrients, as well as  special secondary metabolites produced by plants in order to protect  themselves from environmental stress factors such as insects, pollution  and disease.
And special chemicals produced due to  genetic characteristics such as maintaining different plant shapes,  colors, tastes and odors.  

Development trend two:  

Edible mushroom products will develop at a  high speed and become an important driving force for the development of  future health industries.  

Edible fungi are generally considered to  be vegetables. Actually, it is a fungus. It differs from plants in that  it does not contain chlorophyll and does not obtain nutrients from  sunlight and soil. They are more like animals, usually parasitic on  plants. Digestion and absorption of nutrients from living or dead  plants.  

Development trend three: 
Plant-based products have become the biggest hot spot. 
The Food of the Future-Plant Nature

8. Reasons for choosing plant-based products  

Envirnmental factor
Reduce greenhouse gases, save water resources, reduce deforestation, protect wild species, and reduce waste emissions.
healthy diet
Avoid potential risks of animal products: lactose intolerance, antibiotic abuse, etc.

Source of newsreported of CNIC2019