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Garlic - the most amazing natural antibiotic - can garlic prevent cancer?


Garlic is a natural plant broad-spectrum antibiotic,

一、Having the function of enhancing immunitythe main role of garlic in regulating immunity as following four aspects:

① T cell ② B cell ③ Macrophage ④ Natural stem cell

It can help a person with low immunity.

The active ingredients of the garlic can enhance the function of the organism immunity;

1Prevent all kinds of harmful factors from invading the human body

2Improve the anti-disease ability of the body;

3Ensure the normal operation of all kinds of functions of the body.

二、Antitumor effect

1Inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells

2Inducing apoptosis of cancer cells

三、Antibacterial effect

1Garlic  has inhibition or Kill effect for multiple cocci and its a very strong  bactericidal ability and has diluted to 85000 times to 125000 times, can  still kill Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, dysentery bacillus, which  is a very meaningful aspect. It can kill Spirillum pylorus.

2It can effectively improve the symptoms of infection and shorten the course of infection.


四、Regulate blood sugar effect

1The  effect of allicin is improved on the glucose tolerance of normal  people(That is, people below or above the normal value of normal can be  adjusted to normal)

2Promote insulin secretion and increase the effect of tissue cells on glucose tolerance.  

五、It has obvious improvement effect on hypertension.


六、Allicin inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol.        

1Increase the activity of the fibrin-soluble system

2Block the synthesis of thrombus;  

3Inhibition of platelet adhesion and aggregation

4Promote platelet depolymerization

According to the above points, allicin can prevent various cardiovascular diseases

七、Antioxidant effect

1Allicin contains sulfides and selenium.

1It prevents the expansion of free radicals

2Scavenging free radicals in the body.


八、The effect of allicin on reducing blood fat is stronger than that of sterilization.

Garlic not only has unique  pharmacological activity, but also has no allergic reaction, no side effects, no toxicity, and has become one of the important health foods,  and has great development potential in the field of biomedicine. Our  company will continue to pay attention to its research and development  and share it with everyone who needs it.