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5-HTP : Are you still upset by insomnia?


At present, many amino acids have been found to have biological activity, among which tryptophan in aromatic amino acids is particularly important. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids of the human body,5-HTP is formed by tryptophan catalyzed by tryptophan hydroxylase in the body and it’s an important nerve drug. At present, melatonin, brain gold, etc. in the market are converted from 5-HTP.

5-HTP efficacy

1)  5-HTP has certain antidepressant effect   Maes to observe the availability of TRP(tryptophan) in patients with depression and tested 26 patients with depression of the utilization rate of L-TRP before and after treatment with 1mg dexamethasone and the secretion of 24h urine. The result found that The utilization of L - TRP in patients with severe depression was significantly lower than that in patients with mild depression.
2)  5-HTP has a central analgesic effect   Some experiments showed that taking TRP, the rats in stress state have a significantly increased 5 - HT content in the medulla, pons, striatum, etc., and 5 - HT metabolism in other brain regions. When the 5 - HT descending fibers in the brain reach the spinal cord, it can be mediated by interneurons to activate the enkephalin neurons in the keratin region. The latter can inhibit the peripheral pain information transmission to the secondary level utilizing presynaptic inhibition. Neurons, thus playing a central analgesic effect. Experiments have also confirmed that TRP can significantly increase the analgesic effect of clofibrate. These results suggest that TRP may exert central analgesia by increasing the 5-HT content in the central nervous system.

3) The function of 5-HTP in the cardiovascular system   It is mainly manifested in the effect on blood pressure. The results of studies on different animal models of hypertension in rats indicate that TRP also has antihypertensive activity. Systolic blood pressure changes were observed in rats with normal blood pressure, spontaneous hypertension, DOC ten-salt hypertension, and Grollman hypertension group with Ketone analogs indole pyruvate (IPA) of TRP. After 10 consecutive days, the systolic blood pressure of the hypertensive group was significantly lower than that of the normal blood pressure group. Besides, continuous administration of TRP can also partially inhibit the development of spontaneous hypertension in rats.
4)5-HTP also has a hypnotic affect   5 - HTP can produce serotonin which a precursor of neurohormones by vitamin B6 in the body, thereby promoting sleep and mental stability. Gneiss et al. observed that L-TRP shortened the latency of sleep and increased the ratio of REM / NREM. Some studies have suggested that L-TRP works best for people who have difficulty falling asleep and mild sleep disorders. This effect is related to increasing the 5 - HT content in the brain.

5) 5-HTP has an anti-stress physiological effect   Research found that injection of 5-HTP can reduce the attack and killing of mice in a short period, the degree of reduction is proportional to the injection volume of 5-HTP.
6) The effect of 5-HTP on neuroendocrine activity in the body is complex   It can be converted into certain hormones directly involved in endocrine activities, and can also be converted into central neurotransmitter 5-HTP indirectly affecting the release of neurohormones. The melatonin synthesized by the pineal gland is the conversion product of 5-HTP. Melatonin can inhibit the LH secretion of FSH, which leads to a series of activities of reproductive endocrine.

7) 5-HTP also inhibits eating in overdose rates   A dose of 3 to 200 mg·kg -1 of 5 -HTP can cause anorexia in rats with a dose positive correlation.
8) Also, in animal pharmacological experiments, it was found that 5-HTP can cause prolongation of ejaculation latency in male rabbits and increase the level of sexual excitement.

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