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2020 The most amazing Hydrolyzed Sponge (9) How does spongilla spicules works?


       How does Spongilla Spicule Beauty Therapy works?

Today, we gonna talk about the operational principle of Spongilla Spicule Beauty Therapy(SSBT).

Generally speaking, the process of SSBT is 7 days. 
From the date of of spicule implanting, the skin will come through: 
Basal Activating→ Collagen Reproducing→ Epidemis Repairing →Metabolic Renewal. 
The most of user will finish SSBT process with glossy renewed skin in 7 days. 

It's used for sure trouble skin such as acne. folliculitis. light wrinkles, only skin etc.

1) In salon and skin clinic, hydrolyzed  sponge are used for peeling treatment, compared with other  similar efficacy of application, hydrolyzed sponge only give skin pure  rational stimulation, never hurt the dermis and never cause bleeding,  never produce any side effects.

2) As  a single and key ingredient to add into peeling cosmetics such as  massage cream, provide functions of peeling. skin imitation and pores  enlargement.

 · To arouse self-healing ability, promote collagen and  elastin proliferation,to regenerate 8 % of the thickness of the epidermis.

 · To penetrate epidermal layer, create millions of micro channels and promote skin absorption( X100).