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2020 The most amazing sponge (5) How does SQT® portect the Spicules?









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Wh does the integrity is important?
How to calculate the integrity rate of Spicules? 
What had we done to increase the integrity rate? 

The importance of Spicule integrity 

The Principe of Sponge Spicule Beauty Therapy
  is the Spicules penetrate the epidermal layer and 
  reach the dermis to constantly stimulate the 
  skin cells to split and regenerate, to awaken the
  metabolism & microcirculation of skin, with the 
  active ingredient infiltrate into skin effectively
  through these channels.

The thickness of epidermis is 0.2mm, the length of
  whole spicules is around 200um can reach the 
  dermis, but broken spicules not long enough to 
  penetrate the epidermal layer, they are useless!

That is the reason of integrity is so important!

Formula of Integrity rate(Ir):


Ira,b,c*=Intact spicules/Total spicules

IrAv: Average integrity rate of three different spots

Ira,b,c: Integrity rate in one spot of 100X microscope area

Procedure of IR Test

SQT- IrAv=92.70%

Other- IrAv=26.77%

3 NEW Methods to Protect Spicules

Instead of using environmental pollution Aqua Regia

as extraction solvent, Chromic Acid dissolved impurity
without any damage to the siliceous spicule,increase 
about 11 % IR, and much GREENER.
(Ps: Only National Key Labs were permited to use)

Three Grades Screening Standards:

Level 1: Pass > 80 mesh
Level 2: Pass < 100 mesh
Level 3: Select 80-100 mesh
SQT gives up about 17% production capacity to ensure 
the Extremely High IR

Customized Super transparent and High hardness 
Polypropylene Microcentrifuge tube (EPT) and bottle
for samples and finished product which environmental
protection and toxic effects were aproved by SGS 
Food Grade