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World Traditional Medicine Day-Health is our Wealth


The Origin of Traditional Medicine Day

October 22 of each year is World  Traditional Medicine Day. On December 12, 1991, representatives of 42  countries and regions at the International Convention on Traditional  Medicine held in Beijing unanimously decided to set the opening day of  the conference as the annual World Traditional Medicine Day and write it  into the Beijing Declaration.

What’s the traditional Medicine

Human health requires traditional  medicine. As the name implies, traditional medicine corresponds to  modern medicine, usually refers to the use of historically inherited  medical experience and technology, or the medical experience and  diagnosis and treatment techniques of various historical stages of  modern medicine. Traditional medicines from all over the world are a  valuable treasure of the international medical community.

Existence Problem

Question  1: Overexploitation has led to the endangerment of Chinese medicine  resources and does not include animal Chinese medicines such as bear  bile, tiger bone and rhino horn, which have been included in the  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna  and Flora (CITES). Resources are also not optimistic.  

Question 2: Low level of repeated construction leads to a vicious circle

Question 3: Weak awareness of patent and intellectual property protection
How can we do?   

Calling people to return to nature, using  natural medicines and green plants to treat diseases and health care,  to make the world enough health and sunshine  is our mission!