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SQT Sunshine was awarded of National High-Tech Enterprise


Hunan Sunshine Biotech Co, LTD was  awarded of "National High-Tech Enterprise "jointly issued by Hunan  Science & Technology Department, Hunan Finance Department and Hunan  Tax Bureau.

This accreditation lasted for nine  months. SQT made full preparations from all aspects of the Collation of  R&D projects, defining R&D personnel, inducting products,  scientific research projects, and special financial audit. Overview of  the enterprise, the condition of human resources, technology innovation,  the independent intellectual property rights, service areas, total  assets and business indicators as well as the transformation of  scientific and technological achievements such as research and  development management has provided 138copies of documents, by the  application of enterprises, local first trial, the recognition of  hi-tech enterprises in Hunan province management working group  organizing experts to review procedures, in the end, the Hunan sunny  biotechnology Co, LTD was found in 2019 successfully passed the first  batch of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises.

With its deeply scientific research  strength and deep cooperation with well-known universities, SQT sunshine has successfully passed the iso9001: 2015 idt GB/T19001-2016  quality system, OHSMS GB/T18001-2007 occupational health and  safety system, ISO 14001: 2015 idt GB/T24001-2016 environmental  system, certification of US-FDA and international KOSHER certification  in 2019. Successively awarded as "Key Base of Industry-Academia -Research of Hunan  Normal University" ,“internship base of Hunan agricultural  university”, “internship base of Hunan university of traditional Chinese  medicine” , the “Paragon of Changsha Foreign Trade Association”, “Hunan Microbiology Association Awarded” and other honors. The SQT scientific  research team successively presided 1 national 863 high technology  project, 5 national natural science foundation projects, 1 major  national high-tech industrialization project, 1 national major fundamental research sub-projects, 1 provincial natural science  foundation of key projects and national key research projects, 12 key  scientific research projects of Hunan province. 7 scientific and technological achievements have won provincial and ministerial awards  and national awards, among which 1 first prize, 3-second prizes and 1  third prize for scientific and technological progress in Hunan province,  1 first prize (cooperation)of the ministry of education and 1 national  spark program award.

SQT Sunshine Biotech has been attaching  importance to technological innovation for a long time striving to build  a technology-based and learning enterprise. Since 2010, the number of  patents has grown from nothing, with 4 invention patents with  independent intellectual property rights and 13 joint invention patents.  In the past three years, nearly 40 million yuan has been invested in science and technology.

As the national recognition of hi-tech  enterprises, SQT Sunshine Biotech was promoted enterprise brand image,  one is to show enterprise head has a strong consciousness of innovation  high market development ability and management level, shows that the  enterprise is the national support has the high growth of enterprises,  has a good potential economic benefits, enhance the enterprise brand  image; Second, enjoy the preferential policy of tax reduction and  exemption can implement the preferential tax rate of enterprise income  tax of 15%, reduce the enterprise tax burden reasonably; Three is to  improve the enterprise market value, as a high and new technology enterprise certificate company in the area has a strong ability of  technology innovation, high-end technology development ability, to  expand the market, is one of the important conditions, when companies  bidding for future declare provincial and municipal scientific research  projects at the same time build a good platform, to enhance the level of  enterprise technology, enhance the comprehensive strength, make  professional advantage is of great significance.

In recent years, the company has established and improved the construction of science and technology innovation system, increased investment in science and technology, actively carried out research and development, vigorously implemented the strategy of science and technology strong enterprises, encouraged employees to actively participate in science and technology innovation, paid attention to the application of scientific and technological achievements to production practice, and achieved fruitful results. Standing on the new platform, the company will continue to develop market-oriented, scientific and technological service market principles, further improve the ability of independent innovation, further enhance the company's brand awareness, enhance the core competitiveness, and promote the company's scientific and sustainable development.